Since its founding, MIMIZ CONSUMABLES focused on Training women and Gils in making sanitary re-usable pads, re-usable pampers, decomposable bags and soap product development.
Whereas different actors come up with awareness programs, MIMIZ WOMEN AND GIRLS CONSUMABLES seeks to find answers to the following question;
• What if we women are the problem?
• what if to find solutions to these patriarchal problems we have to start with ourselves?
• What if women and Girls human and protection rights start with us?
• How can women and Girls response towards enhancing climate change to increase their resilience?
• What inspires you join this Social Entrepreneurship Business mentorship programme? (Max 100 words)


We indulge in a wide range of socially enterprising activities intended to help the vulnerable communities create value for their families and those around them through engaging them to make such items indicated on pictures above and earn a living.